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Have you been arested for a crime?

You may have seen the recent news regarding the report issued by a panel formed to look into the allegations stemming from an investigation by the Star Tribune about how Minnesota law enforcement responds to and handle sex crimes. The in-depth probe found that police investigations into sexual abuse allegations were often incomplete,......Read More

Posted by Barry Hogen

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Barry Hogen There are many different drug crime charges that you could be convicted of when it comes to drug crimes, especially in Minnesota. Each of these charges come with their own consequences, making it even more important to know what you are being charged with.......Read More

Posted by Barry Hogen

State v. J.D.

Third degree DUI second offense in 10 years DWI dismissed and implied consent rescinded where officer had no basis to establish driver was under the influence of alcohol.

State v. L.Z.

Client charged with felony DWI for new DWI with prior criminal vehicular operation. Court dismissed felony charge after omnibus argument regarding validity of prior criminal vehicular operation case for enhancement. Client pled to third degree dui second in 10 and received home monitoring. Previous best offer was one year in......