Testimonials & Endorsements

“Need some legal help? Give Mr. Hogen a call. Very experienced, very knowledgeable, and a friendly persona. He is there when you need help. He will listen to you and your specific situation. Mr. Hogen will recommend the best course of action but also consider your personal intentions and represent you the way you want to be represented.” – Brad S.

“Trust in Barry and you will be rewarded” – Tyler W.

“During THE WORST time in my life I turned to Barry for the help I needed. Not only as he there for me, he took what could have been a stained record and kept it clean. HIGHLY recommended.” – Jeremy

“I have had Barry as my attorney on several different occasions in the past decade. He has defended me well in cases involving, DUI and Felony possession among other charges. He has done a very thorough job enabling me to get the best defense. Barry has been very easy to contact.” – Corey

“Working with Barry was probably the best money that I could have spent. I ended up getting pulled over three times for DUI in a very short period of time. Barry was able to get one of them dropped, and able to get me sentences, restitution, and fines that were reasonable. The last time that I was pulled over, I was at a local suburb police department and called Barry at 3am in the morning. He came over and was able to get them to release me without having to post bond. Barry was very meticulous in ensuring that I made it to all of my appointments and hearings, even picking me up and giving me a ride. Barry, went well over and above to be my attorney. I would recommend him without any hesitation.” – Don

“Barry Hogen, helped me with two cases. The first one was a driving after revocation. Barry was up front with me on the possible course of action I needed to take prior to going to court. I followed his advise and the case was dismissed. The second case was the state revoked my license while I was on the interlock system. I asked Barry if he would represent me in this matter and he said he would. He was able to have my license reinstated immediately. What I like about Barry, is that he is upfront about everything.” – Jim

“Barry defended me in a DUI kiss a couple of years ago Barry was honest knowledgeable upfront and showed genuine care. Moreover there is a normal guy which is nice he spoke plain English when I needed him to also introduced me to his lovely family I would hire Barry again if I ever was on the wrong side of the law and I would also recommend Barry for any my friends family or coworkers bear was great worth every penny I hope I never need an attorney again but if I do I’m calling him also might call Barry sometime just to hang out” – A Satisfied Client

“I attended law school with Mr. Hogen and have stayed in contact with him ever since. I frequently seek his advice in criminal defense and other legal matters.” – Thomas Harmon, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I’ve know Barry for over 30 years. He works extremely hard for his clients. I have anything but the highest respect for him as a person and as a lawyer. I endorse this lawyer.” – James Bianco, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Barry Hogen always puts the client’s interests first and always fights for the best possible result. Among criminal defense lawyers he is once of the most highly skilled and is one the of best DWI defense practitioners in Minnesota.” – Dean Grau, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I highly recommend Mr. Hogan.” – Robert O’Malley, Criminal Defense Attorney

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