Vehicle Forfeiture

Vehicle Forfeiture Lawyer Minneapolis

There are a number of penalties associated with DWI. They include jail time, fines, plate impoundment and vehicle forfeiture. Vehicle forfeiture occurs when the vehicle has been used in the commission of a crime. In other words, the vehicle can be seized and the driver no longer has it in their possession. If the vehicle is not retained by the owner, then it can be sold in an auction after a certain period of time has passed.

If you have lost your vehicle due to vehicle forfeiture because of DWI or another alleged criminal act involving the vehicle, there are circumstances in which the vehicle can be gotten back. With the help of an experienced Minneapolis DWI lawyer, you can fight DWI charges and vehicle forfeiture so that you do not lose your vehicle.

Aggressively Fighting Vehicle Forfeiture

A person only has so much time to submit a request to challenge vehicle forfeiture. As for the reasons why the vehicle may be seized in the first place, the most common reasons are:

  • The car was used in a DWI or the defendant doesn’t show up for a trial, whether that trial was related to a traffic offense or not
  • The driver may have been driving with a cancelled driver’s license
  • The driver may have had a blood alcohol concentration of .20 or above during a traffic stop

If you lose your vehicle, it is possible to recover it. You may need it to drive to and from school, to and from your job, and to run errands that are necessary for the running of your household. Without your vehicle, your entire family could be at a disadvantage, so it is important to do what is necessary to get it back.

A Track Record Of Success

Barry Hogen Law has had success in recovering forfeited vehicles. These cases are not a part of your criminal case, so it is a civil matter that occurs in a separate court. The burden of proof on the state is not as strict as that of a criminal case, so your attorney will have the opportunity to aggressively prove that the forfeited vehicle needs to be recovered. While not every vehicle is recovered in every forfeiture case in Minnesota, you will be working with a Hennepin County DWI lawyer who has been able to recover vehicles for clients who have dealt with forfeiture.

Contact A Hennepin County DWI Attorney

Vehicle forfeiture is one of the consequences of DWI and it is one that can create a hardship. If you have been accused of DWI or DWI test refusal and your vehicle has been forfeited, you may be able to get your vehicle back with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. To learn more about your rights and options, call the Barry Hogen Law at (612) 338-5545 to request an initial consultation.

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