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Barry Hogen is a creative criminal defense lawyer with over 34 years of experience handling DUI / DWI, felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations, assaults, drug offenses, fraud, theft, and white collar crimes throughout Minnesota and surrounding states. His office is conveniently located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

When you or a loved one has been arrested, the first thing you need to do is turn to an experienced Minneapolis criminal lawyer who is dedicated to protecting your legal rights. When you want the best representation possible, you contact a criminal attorney who cares about you and your rights.

Barry Hogen: The Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Who Cares

When Minnesota criminal lawyer, Barry Hogen, meets with a new client, he knows that this case will be completely different from any case he’s handled in the past. He’s dedicated to treating each crime and each client as a unique entity and adjusts his legal strategy accordingly. Hogan’s ability to adapt to each case, not only protects the rights of each client, but also improves communication with the police, prosecutors, and judges.

Barry Hogen’s Process While Serving as your Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer

Barry Hogen has a reputation for being an extremely methodical Minneapolis criminal lawyer. He explores every single aspect of the case. His process includes:

  • Reviewing police reports and witness statements
  • Conducting interviews with key witnesses
  • Consulting with leading experts
  • Investigating the scene of the alleged crime
  • Reviewing similar cases

Once Barry Hogen has carefully researched every single aspect of your case, he puts together the best possible defense strategy.

Questions Barry Hogen Asks

While Barry Hogen adjusts his defense strategy so it perfectly suits his clients, there are questions he constantly asks himself. These questions are:

  • At any point during the criminal investigation or arrest, were your constitutional rights violated?
  • Are the alleged victims credible?
  • Are the key witnesses for the prosecution credible?
  • Do you have a reliable alibi?
  • Did the police follow the standard arrest protocol?
  • Did the police consider any other suspects?

Hogen takes the answers to the questions and uses them to create a solid defense strategy. The defense strategies he’s used have been extremely successful, as you’ll see when you visit the case results page.

The Type of Cases Barry Hogen Handles

Barry Hogen is a Minneapolis criminal lawyer who does it all. During his career, he’s successfully defended clients who were charged with:

  • Minneapolis drug violations
  • Minneapolis sex offenses
  • Minneapolis juvenile crimes
  • Minneapolis domestic assault crimes
  • Minneapolis violent assault crimes
  • Minneapolis parole violations
  • Minneapolis DWI law violations
  • And more!

Barry Hogen has a great deal of experience providing a successful criminal defense for clients who’ve been charged with both felonies and misdemeanors.

With each case he accepts, Barry Hogen has one clear cut goal. He wants a successful resolution and he’s willing to legally do whatever it takes to make the successful resolution happen. That’s why he works so hard for each and every client. Barry Hogen has a long history of successful:

  • Negotiations with prosecutors who have either decreased or dropped charges
  • Complete dismissals of charges
  • Winning courtroom litigations

You can look far and wide, but you won’t find a Minneapolis criminal lawyer who is more experienced at providing determined investigation, individualized legal services, or at creating a vigorous legal defense strategy than Barry Hogen. In addition to creating a unique legal defense for every single client, Barry Hogen also sets aside the time needed to explain the legal process and how it can work in the client’s favor.

Contact Minneapolis Criminal Attorney Barry Hogen!

When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you must take a proactive stance, and the best way to accomplish that is contacting the Law Offices of Barry Hogen today. The sooner you become Barry Hogen’s client, the sooner he’ll take the steps needed to mount a winning defense strategy. Feel free to get in touch via an online form, or you can call (612) 338-5545. Barry Hogen is a Minneapolis criminal lawyer who serves both Minneapolis and the Twin Cities.

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