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Individuals that have been convicted of crimes can be denied housing, employment, professional licenses, and various other things because of a mistake that they made in their past. Some individuals have only been convicted of one crime in their lives to then find themselves struggling to make ends meet because they cannot find meaningful employment due to their criminal record.

If you have been denied employment, housing, a professional license, or experienced another hardship due to a criminal conviction, you may be able to have the criminal offense expunged from your record. This means having it removed from public view so that employers, landlords, and other people in the public cannot see the criminal charges. To do this, it takes the help of an experienced Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer who can properly pursue the expungement.

Representing You & Your Future

Not all criminal offenses can be expunged from a person’s permanent record. Sex crimes, DWI, and murder are just three of the offenses that cannot be expunged. However, a low level drug crime may be able to be, a petty misdemeanor, or a misdemeanor. Your attorney will be able to inform you whether or not your offense is one that can be expunged.

There is also the fact that a charge or a “stay” on a sentence that later led to dismissal can be on your criminal record. Although no conviction took place, an employer or a landlord may not like the fact that there was a charge to begin with or they may not understand what they are seeing. By having those expunged, they cannot be seen.

If the offense that you were convicted, if you were convicted, is one that qualifies for expungement and at least two years have passed, your attorney can move forward with pursuing the expungement.

Effectively Proving Your Case

It is up to the discretion of the judge to seal the criminal record. They want to ensure that doing so does not present a threat to the public. If the appropriate amount of time has passed, the Hennepin County criminal defense attorney has made a solid case, and it is determined there is no threat to the public, then the record may be expunged. This means that law enforcement may still be able to access the record, but the public will not be able to. To the public, the record will look clean as if nothing ever happened.

Contact A Hennepin County Criminal Defense Attorney

When you have a criminal conviction that is causing you problems with finding a job, finding a place to live, and carrying out things in life that should not be difficult to do, expungement may be the answer. There are some criminal offenses that can be removed from the public’s view, making it look to the public as if no crime was ever committed. To learn more about your options, call the Barry Hogen Law at (612) 338-5545 to schedule an initial consultation.

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