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Navigating the world of the law is intimidating, almost like going to a foreign country vastly different from your own. Whether because of its strict rules that you may be unaware of, norms or procedures that are different from the ones you know, or the practically foreign language that is spoken in this world, you are like a fish out of water when abruptly forced to encounter it. While you could learn this world on your own, doing so requires much more time than you have, given the timeline of your case. Partnering with someone already accustomed to this world who is fluent in its language and knows its norms is the best way to ensure you successfully interact with it. Barry Hogen Law is a law firm with a straightforward vision: provide you with legal services that get you victory in court. I work as closely with you as possible out of the gate to thoroughly understand your individual case. Then, I guide you throughout your entire journey in the legal process – likely a very foreign world to you. I meet with you one-on-one to discuss all legal options available to you in your situation and advise which is most likely to yield the optimal result. After you decide which direction you want to move in, I labor to get the decision you deserve in court. Whether you have been convicted of multiple felonies before or you recently received your first misdemeanor charge, I work so you see justice just the same.

What Sets Barry Hogen Law Apart

I use my expertise gained over three decades-plus of service to Minneapolis, MN, as my greatest weapon in your legal battle. I understand your case is unique and that no one-size-fits-all approach gets you the desired results for your case. As such, I extensively research things surrounding your case, even investigating the scene of an incident myself. From this, I develop an individualized legal strategy and make sure you are on board throughout the process. My 34-plus years of serving Minneapolis, MN, have also allowed me to develop an extensive network. I draw on it to get results. I have relationships with judges and, more importantly, experts that can sway a jury in your favor with sound rationale and an explanation of things related to your case. All this is available to you 24/7. Simply put, no other criminal lawyer delivers and cares as I do.

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Where I Fight For Justice

I wear several hats to be the best criminal defense lawyer possible and realize justice in the many forms that it may take. Being accused does not equate to being convicted with Barry Hogen Law. Whether fighting a misdemeanor or felony, I bring you justice as a:

  • DWI defense lawyer or DUI lawyer;

    A DWI requires a prosecutor to prove that your blood alcohol concentration was above the legal threshold, 0.08. A DUI only requires prosecutors to prove that you were in a state where alcohol affected your ability to operate a vehicle. DUIs are generally more challenging to prove. Regardless, do not let the prosecutor defeat you in court – serious consequences could await. I strive to get your penalty reduced, if not dropped entirely. This practice area also includes SWI, or snowmobiling while intoxicated.

  • Sexual assault lawyer;

    These laws punish an array of sexual acts done without consent. Charges for these crimes are sometimes rooted in false allegations. I defend you when facing the possibility of having to register as a sex offender, up to $40,000 in fines, and 30 years in prison if charged. I believe you are innocent until proven guilty, and my fight for you reflects that.

  • Probation violations lawyer;

    Many of these violations are due to miscommunication. Nevertheless, proving a probation violation was unintentional is extremely difficult when self-representing. I make it happen and reduce the chances of having to serve the remainder of your sentence in jail by showing your case is a technical violation, at best.

  • Drug charges lawyer;

    I defend you whether charged with possession or sale. Depending on the drug and amount, you could face up to 30 years in prison and $1 million in fees. Do not forego legal representation – it could cost you a lot of time and money, and your personal record.

  • Domestic violence lawyer.

    Like sexual assault cases, domestic violence cases, or violent crimes that inflict physical harm to another person, are sometimes based on false accusations. Authorities often place people under arrest to prevent additional harm, even if they are not guilty. Defend and exercise all your rights – I will champion such.

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