Case Results

State v. R.D.

Client charged with Fourth Degree being under the influence of the controlled substance Lorizepam (Ambien) where he admitted to drinking earlier in the evening and was confused as to time of day and showed signs of impairment. Plead to Careless Driving and Driving While Under the Influence where the carless was entered onto the client’s record and the DUI received a stay of adjudication to be dismissed after successful probation.

State v. D.L.

Client charged with fifth degree domestic assault. Client had two prior first degree drug cases and prior domestic that had been dismissed over ten years ago. Charge reduced to disorderly conduct with no jail or revocation of conditional release and no education classes.

State v. G.B.

Client charged with second degree DWI for third offense in ten years. Plead to DWI received staggered sentence with 30 days to be served rather the 90 mandatory minimum. If client follows rules and requirements of probation other 60 days waived.

State v. D.S.

Client charged with Second Degree DUI for third offense in ten years with a reading well above .20 and felony fifth degree possession of a controlled substance. Drug case dismissed convicted of DUI with a staggered sentence.

State v. J.P.

Client charged with third degree DWI and GMIPS client had numerous DWI’s over ten years ago. When it was established implied consent revocation from several years ago had been rescinded plead to fourth degree DWI with no executed jail.

State v. J.P.

Client had numerous over 5 prior DWI arrests over ten years ago charged with fourth degree DWI. Implied consent rescinded pled to careless driving no executed jail. (see case above).

State v. J.S.

Client charged with Second Degree Assault for hitting husband over the head with pot and opening his head requiring dozens of stitches. Charge reduced to Stalking as a gross misdemeanor with no executed jail.

State. V. J.S.

Client charged with Fourth Degree DUI for combination of alcohol and marijuana. Alcohol concentration suppressed and client pled to careless driving.

State v. R.S.

Client charged with Fourth Degree DWI implied consent rescinded and criminal case reduced to careless driving.

State v. K.B.

Client charged with Third Degree possession of drugs with previous stay of adjudication as juvenile. Client plead to fifth degree possession and received stay of adjudication pursuant to 152.18 since client’s previous stay of adjudication was not pursuant to 152.18.

State v. M.L.

Client charged with felony Criminal Vehicular Operation for great bodily injury and serious bodily injury for driving that was alleged to be grossly negligent and negligent with an alcohol concentration of .07 two hours after the accident. Felony criminal vehicular operation charges all dismissed plead to Second Degree DUI and received a staggered sentence.

State v. L.Z.

Client charged with felony DWI for new DWI with prior criminal vehicular operation. Court dismissed felony charge after omnibus argument regarding validity of prior criminal vehicular operation case for enhancement. Client pled to third degree dui second in 10 and received home monitoring. Previous best offer was one year in local jail without work release.

State v. J.D.

Third degree DUI second offense in 10 years DWI dismissed and implied consent rescinded where officer had no basis to establish driver was under the influence of alcohol.

State v. M.L.

Fourth degree assault against a police officer reduced to disorderly conduct.

State v. J.M.

First degree DWI for fourth offense in ten years reduced to gross misdemeanor DWI. Client also was on probation for Fifth Degree Possession of a controlled substance with a stay of adjudication pursuant to 152.18 in a different county. We successfully argued for client to keep the stay of adjudication.

State v. K.J.

Client charged with Third Degree DWI for a second offense in ten years while this is pending again arrested for a Second Degree DWI based on one prior and new license revocation, client also had reading well in excess of .20. Successfully argued license revocation could not be used since there had been no final judicial determination of its validity. Client pled to a Third Degree DWI and Second Degree DWI for one prior and reading over .20 and received 60 days home monitoring.

State v. J.B.

Client charged with Fourth Degree DWI with reading of .09 reduced to careless driving.

State v. M.S.

Fourth Degree DWI with .15 urine test no offers prior to trial found not guilty on all counts.

State v. H.S.

School stop arm violation continued for dismissal.

State v. R.D.

Felony vehicular operation charge with injuries totally in excess of $200,000 in medical bills reduced to Gross Misdemeanor offense.

State v. D.A.

Client charged with Third Degree DWI for second offense in ten years implied consent rescinded and charge reduced to careless driving.

State v. P.T.

Client charged with felony fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and Fifth Degree Assault charge reduced to misdemeanor fleeing a police officer other than in a motor vehicle avoiding a felony and a one year license revocation with no limited license.

State v. R.R.

Third degree felony assault lowered to gross misdemeanor harassment.

State v. J.G.

Client charged with Felony Second Degree Assault for striking another with a baseball bat convicted of Misdemeanor Fifth Degree Assault.

State v. L.D.

Second Degree controlled substance crime reduced to third degree controlled substance crime with a stay of adjudication meaning no conviction if client successfully completes probation.

State v. J.S.

Third degree refusal of testing reduced to careless driving and implied consent rescinded where officer never actually asked for test.

State v. S.J.

Not guilty verdict on all counts where client charged with Fourth Degree DUI with .11 urine test result.

State v. S.B.

Not guilty verdict on all counts on a Fourth Degree DWI with a breath test of .10 and client was sleeping in car parked in middle of road at stop sign with foot on brake.

State v. S.M.

Client charged with Criminal Vehicular Operation substantial bodily harm as a felony convicted of Gross Misdemeanor Second Degree DUI.

State v. B.M.

Client accused of criminal sexual conduct hired on investigative retainer after months of investigation no charges filed.