Minnesota Revamping How it Handles Criminal Sexual Conduct Cases

You may have seen the recent news regarding the report issued by a panel formed to look into the allegations stemming from an investigation by the Star Tribune about how Minnesota law enforcement responds to and handle sex crimes.

The in-depth probe found that police investigations into sexual abuse allegations were often incomplete, incorrect, and less thorough than what is called for under the circumstances. The investigation also showed that in the St. Paul – Minneapolis area there were some cases that never were assigned an investigator. Out of the 2000 cases reported in the state in each year, a large portion of those remain unsolved and there is often no justice for the victims.

Furthermore, the investigation uncovered numerous cases where the alleged assailant was convicted or charged in the past for similar crimes and they never were investigated in relation to the new allegations. The fact that they were repeat offenders did not raise any red flags for law enforcement.


The results of this investigation spurred the formation of a panel headed by Attorney General Lori Swanson. The panel was comprised of medical professionals, law enforcement, victim advocates, and prosecutors. The panel, after taking a look for themselves, issued a report stating there was an urgent need for an overhaul of law enforcement agencies and how they deal with sex crimes. The panel agreed with the Star Tribune report that the system was clearly lacking in its enforcement, investigations and, prosecution of these crimes.

The panel’s recommendations included retraining law enforcement personnel and to develop and offer more services for victims of sex crimes. It was also suggested that audits be performed going forward to continue to measure the outcomes of these cases. It would mean setting standards and policies across the state so that all sex crimes are handled in the same manner.

What all this means for anyone who is accused of a sex crime in Minnesota is that law enforcement and the legal system is going to start getting a lot of tougher on individuals accused of sex-related crimes. The police, prosecutors, and judges will be under the microscope with everyone watching how they treat victims, how thoroughly they investigate the cases, and if those convicted are punished accordingly.


Barry Hogen Law has the experience needed to defend those accused of all manner of criminal sexual conduct charges. We have successfully worked for clients in the past to defend them against everything from inappropriate contact to rape. Those accused of these crimes deserve to have their rights preserved and to have the very best defense available to them.

With the potential serious repercussions stemming from this report from the Attorney General’s panel, it has never been more important to ensure you protect yourself and your rights. An experienced criminal sexual conduct attorney in St. Paul-Minnesota area is your best line of defense against these charges. Your future depends on the decisions you make immediately after being charged. Calling us is the first and best decision you could possibly make in these circumstances.

Sexual conduct crimes are very serious and result in jail time, fines, and being put on the sex offender registry. If you or a loved one have been accused or charged with a sex crime, please contact our office. We will treat you with nothing but respect and professionalism. With us, you will find an open mind and a sympathetic ear. Your side of the story is critical and should be given as much weight as your accuser’s. You are not alone in this and we will be with you every step of the way.

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