About Child Porn Possession in Minnesota

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Barry Hogen If you are charged with criminal charges dealing with child pornography, you need to know exactly what you are dealing with. There are many different types of charges that you may be facing, each with their own consequences Types of Criminal Charges You May be Facing. There are many… Read more »

Minnesota State Patrol on high alert New Year’s Eve

A drunk driving conviction is certainly not on the list of resolutions for most. As New Year’s Eve approaches, many in Minneapolis are planning out their festive outfits, and maybe even envision kissing someone special at midnight. Most do not envision spending the night in jail, but lack of discretion could see that become a… Read more »

Drug possession charge brought against Minnesota man

It can be a very serious matter when an individual is accused of having committed drug crimes. A person can face major criminal charges in connection to such an allegation. Serious criminal punishments can be given to a person if he or she is convicted of drug charges. A drug crime conviction can also have… Read more »

Ignition interlock could be required for all convicted drunk drivers

On average, there are around 30,000 DWI arrests across Minnesota each year. This number may give individuals the false sense that a drunk driving conviction is not that big of a deal. However, even a first time conviction in Minnesota can result in serious penalties. Further, the penalties for even a first-time conviction could stand… Read more »

Minneapolis synthetic drug raid results in felony charges

Synthetic drugs are an issue that has garnered a lot of media attention lately. Synthetic marijuana, or K2 as it is commonly known, is said to induce psychosis. There have been headlines involving the illicit substance that include an out-of-state man that began eating the family dog while high on the substance. At times, as… Read more »

Avoid spending the holidays behind bars in Minnesota

While we haven’t had any blizzards in Minneapolis yet, it is definitely getting colder. With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the coming weeks, we are definitely in the midst of the holiday season. This means lots of shopping, lots of family time and for many, lots of drinking. There is… Read more »

Burnsville Man Could Face 7 Years In Prison For DUI

The consequences of driving drunk can be severe. Therefore, it is critical to aggressively defend against such charges. When a driver is convicted of operating a vehicle in Minnesota with a blood level above 0.08 percent, that driver will face consequences. In Minnesota, there is a spectrum of four degree.

Minnesota Nurse Admits To Stealing Prescription Painkillers

A former nurse anesthetist at various Minnesota hospitals is currently out of the job and facing criminal charges after stealing prescription drugs for over two years. Reportedly, the man became hooked on painkillers following an operation on his knee. He began by keeping left over drugs administered to patients.

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