Different Drug Charges in Minnesota

Minneapolis Drug Charges Defense Attorney One of the most common charges and convictions in Minnesota are drug-related crimes. There are five degrees of possession, all of which depend on the type of drug and the number of drugs that you are caught with. What are the five degrees of drug charges in Minnesota? A first-degree… Read more »

Felony Drug Sales Lawyer in Minnesota

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Barry Hogen There are many different drug crime charges that you could be convicted of when it comes to drug crimes, especially in Minnesota. Each of these charges come with their own consequences, making it even more important to know what you are being charged with. Minnesota Statute 152.025 Controlled Substance… Read more »

Fifth Degree Drug Possession Crime in Minnesota

Minnesota Drug Crimes Lawyer  If you are charged with a drug crime in Minnesota, it is important that you know everything that you can about your charge and hire a criminal defense attorney before talking to the police. What is a fifth-degree drug possession charge? A fifth-degree drug possession can be considered a gross misdemeanor… Read more »

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