Minneapolis Assault Defense Lawyer

Assault is a very serious offense and accusations can occur due to a number of circumstances. You could be facing assault charges if you have gotten into a fight with a friend, a stranger, a spouse, or for instilling fear into someone. If you were in an argument with someone, part of a bar fight, or you were accused of harming or threatening to harm someone else, you could be charged with assault. Even if you were defending yourself, it is still possible to be charged.

If you have been charged with any type of assault, it is important to secure legal representation as soon as possible. This will help you achieve the best possible outcome in the matter so that you can move forward in your life. When you have a Golden Valley criminal defense lawyer working for you, you increase your chances of acquittal, dismissed charges, or reduced charges.

Effective Assault Representation

At the Law Office of Barry Hogen, you will receive highly effective assault representation that is designed to help you get the best result in your case. This means investigating every element of the case so that a strong defense can be built on your behalf. Witnesses, police reports, medical reports, videos, and all evidence will be reviewed to show why you do not deserve the maximum penalties. Some assault types include:

  • First degree assault
  • Second degree assault
  • Third degree assault
  • Forth degree assault
  • Fifth degree assault
  • Knowingly transmitting a disease
  • Domestic assault
  • Sexual assault cases

There are five degrees of assault and then there is domestic assault. Each can result in jail time and high fines. You could even be charged with assault if you threaten to cause harm to another person.

In the case of domestic assault, it involves a family member or someone within the home. The dispute may be a violent one or it may include the threat of violence. In the case of domestic assault, it can result in an order for protection. The order for protection can result in criminal charges if the person named in the order violates it.

Strategic Representation

Your Hennepin County criminal defense lawyer will create a strategic defense for you. This defense will involve showing the facts, but also present them in a way that shows you do not deserve to be convicted or to be convicted of the maximum charges. If the incident was the result of self defense, then this needs to be demonstrated. The same applies to misunderstandings stemming from perceived threats. You can count on your attorney to fight for you, your rights, and your future every step of the way.

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

Assault is a serious offense because it involves a person intentionally inflicting injuries upon another person. If you have been accused of assault, you have the right to defend yourself. With the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can receive a much better outcome in your case. To learn more about your rights and options, call the Law Office of Barry Hogen at 763-513-9085 to schedule a free consultation.